We are frequently asked, “what are possible outcomes of my personal injury lawsuit”?

After deciding to move forward with a personal injury claim, it is crucial to review the possible outcomes with your attorney. There are several different paths which you might take based on a number of factors, such as evidence of liability, the nature of the injuries, insurance coverage, and more. Over the course of the legal process, any number of elements could affect your case’s overall potential for compensation and therefore dictate your outcome. However, Grant & Longworth will be sure to guide you toward the best possible result under your specific circumstances.  

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The plaintiff wins

If you decide to pursue the case to the point of trial and you win, then you have successfully proved that the defendant was liable for your injury. The court will award you compensation based on your circumstances.  

The case is settled

Generally, personal injury cases are settled before they reach a trial. Deciding to settle means that you may walk away with a compensation amount that is lower than you might have won at trial. However, you forego the risk of losing the trial. Additionally, settling saves time and money in litigation on your side as well as the defendant’s.  

The case is dropped or dismissed

If, after filing your claim, you decide that you would no longer like to pursue it, then you may “drop” it. On the hand, if the defendant finds a credible flaw in your argument in the early stages of the case, then it could be dismissed.  

The defendant wins

Alternatively, if the defendant wins the personal injury case, then he/she is officially free of liability in this particular scenario. You, as the plaintiff, do not receive compensation. In fact, you might be expected to pay for some of the defendant’s costs throughout the legal process. This possibility depends on the nature of the case and the court’s jurisdiction.  


Another viable outcome is that you, or the defendant, decide to appeal the court’s ruling. Appeals are rare when it comes to personal injury cases, but they are possible. There must be grounds to appeal the decision, however, and usually that means there was an error in the initial judgement of the case.

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