Aggressive driving, often known as “road rage,” can kill. Operating a motor vehicle in a pushy, aggressive, or intimidating manner can make other drivers and pedestrians nervous, pushing them to react to actions out of fear.

Any seasoned New York driver is familiar with road rage, in most cases as a victim as well as a perpetrator of it. Sometimes, one’s emotions and anxiety can sneak up on him or her and cause him or her to drive in an unsafe, aggressive manner. During the hot summer months, road rage tends to increase. This has been linked to driver discomfort in hot temperatures as well as increased traffic on roadways heading upstate and to shore areas. This can lead to more car accidents, which can lead to more injuries, property damage, and delays on the road, feeding the cycle of driver aggression.

Common Road Rage Triggers

Physical and mental discomfort can push a driver to act in an aggressive manner. These can result from:

  • Traffic congestion;
  • Heat;
  • Feeling lost on the roadway; and
  • Conflicts with others in the vehicle or elsewhere.

A driver’s rage can be fueled by:

  • Rude gestures;
  • Honking;
  • Discourteous actions like sudden lane changes and failure to signal; and               
  • Tailgating

Identifying Road Rage as the Cause of an Accident

When an officer reports to the scene of a car accident, he or she helps the involved parties fill out an official police report that includes details like where the accident occurred, the conditions present when it occurred, and whether any laws were violated at the time of the accident. Witnesses can provide useful information about whether the drivers were speeding or acting aggressively. Photographs and video surveillance of the accident can also help by capturing the angle of the collision and the skid marks on the asphalt, which can show each vehicle’s movements before and during the accident.

Bronx and Westchester County Road Rage Statistics

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles publishes information about all reported car accidents within the past three years on its website. One data set shows the violations reported for each incident. Another shows the counties where accidents occur, and others show information like the types of vehicles involved in collisions and the accidents’ results, such as fatalities and property damage. You can use these tools to find information about car accidents and their causes in the Bronx, Westchester County, and other regions of New York.

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