Early to mid spring is when your risk of running over a pothole and either damaging your vehicle or being involved in a car accident is at its highest. This is because when the groundwater freezes under the pavement, it expands. When it thaws, it melts, causing the pavement above to warp and crack. These cracks create potholes in the roadway.

This winter was relatively mild, which means the potholes present on New York roadways are not as severe as they have been in past years. However, they are still present and do still pose a risk of causing collisions and damage to vehicles.

When Can I Expect my Town’s Potholes to be Filled?

The state Department of Transportation fixes potholes as soon as it can. This issue is twofold: the DOT must be aware of potholes in order to address them and it prioritizes those deemed to be the most dangerous to motorists. As a driver, you can help to have your city’s potholes filled quicker by notifying the DOT of any potholes you see. Call 1-800-POTHOLE to report potholes. In some cities, such as Mount Vernon, social media has been utilized to help road crews locate and repair potholes.

The DOT has crews on the street every day addressing the issues drivers report. Early in the season, before asphalt plants are open, the DOT and municipalities repair potholes by filling them with “cold patch,” a pre-mixed asphalt that is poured into holes. In contrast, fresh asphalt is known as “hot patch.”

Who is Liable for Damages Resulting from Pothole Accidents?

Liability for damages resulting from a pothole or another hazard present in a poorly designed or poorly maintained roadway is on the shoulders of the party who owns or is charged with maintaining that roadway. Private roads are the responsibility of the property owner, who has premises liability for all aspects of his or her property. Municipal roadways are under the jurisdiction of their cities and interstate roads are the responsibility of the state government, despite interstate highways running through multiple states. If you are injured because of a pothole on a New York section of any interstate highway, you must file your injury claim with the New York Department of Transportation.

A claim against a government entity is subject to different rules and deadlines than those for private entities. Your lawyer can explain these differences to ensure that your claim is filed correctly.

Which Roads in Dobbs Ferry are Most Notorious for Pothole Hazards?

In Dobbs Ferry, motorists are advised to be especially vigilant of pothole hazards on Ashford Avenue and Broadway. Seeclickfix.com is a useful site for motorists that shows all roadway hazards in their selected municipalities.

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