A collision with a commercial truck is far more likely to result in serious injury or death to the driver and passengers of a small vehicle than to the driver of the truck. This is because of the sheer size and power of a tractor trailer. As a whole, truck accidents are more likely to result in a victim’s death than accidents between two or more cars.

When comparing car and truck accidents, there are a few other issues to consider, such as the number of trucks on the road versus the number of cars on the road. Another issue to consider is that truck drivers are a special subset of the driving population who face unique challenges and have different qualifications than the general public. In most cases, the trucking industry does not allow for drivers to live healthy lifestyles. These conditions put drivers at a greater risk of causing accidents through their health problems.

Truck Drivers are Often Overtired

Legally, truck drivers are permitted to drive for 11 hours per shift. In total, a truck driver may only drive for 14 hours during the day and may not work more than 60 hours within a seven-day period. Even working within these requirements, a driver can easily become exhausted. When truck drivers exceed these limits, they can become hazards to themselves and others on the roadway. Exhausted drivers are at risk of swerving out of their lanes, failing to accurately judge distances, failing to maintain a safe speed, and even falling asleep at the wheel.

The Road is Not a Healthy Place for the Human Body

Many truck drivers report that their working conditions make it difficult to eat a balanced diet and impossible to maintain an exercise regimen. Because of this, many drivers live on fast food and caffeinated beverages like soda and coffee, becoming obese through a lack of exercise and an excess of processed, high-calorie foods. Obesity leads to health conditions like high blood pressure and sleep apnea, which in turn increase an individual’s risk of becoming a hazard to others by driving while exhausted and potentially suffering a heart attack while driving.

Motorists are advised to give trucks ample following distance at all times. Obeying posted traffic signs, staying off your phone while driving, and knowing the risks that trucks and their drivers face on the roadway are all ways you can reduce your chance of being involved in a truck accident and suffering an injury.

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